The Gift Of Giving

Lowes gift cards- Help support Building and Pen renovation they also carry shock, bluing, fungicides and skimming nets for the ponds.

Pet Smart, Petco and Walmart gift cards- Help support our feral feline/ Kitty Korner rescue programs. We house over 50 Ferro rescues requiring a lot of food to keep them healthy and recovering strong. This helps us to apply more of the donations directly on improving/enlarging housing as we continue to grow.Type your paragraph here.

Donate Yard Tools
Lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, hoses, nozzles and hose repair kits.

Pen Supplies

Fencing (#9 chain link & cattle panel) lumber 2x4's and up, 4x4's and up, cement, cement mixers, hammers saws.

Heating & Cooling
Industrial Fans, 1-2 HP motors giving additional air flow to the cats, along with shade cloth and sprinkler systems over the cooling ponds

Paying directly on the electric bill is a wonderful way to help and only takes a few minutes with a phone call.
The triple digit summer time heat requires us to run many fans, pools and wells, winter time increases the use of heaters and heat lamps especially for new rescues that arrive weak and malnourished. All this dramatically increases the electric to run between $500.00- $1000.00 per month. Click on Billing Details 

Volunteer your time
Your time is a valuable asset to us, There are so many ways to help;
Landscaping, gardening, repairs on foundation, fencing, housing, gates and painting.

We are currently looking for trainers who can volunteer their time to help work with some of our horses in obedience and saddle training.
High School FFA students are welcome to volunteer. They must be 16 years of age and have a letter of consent from their parents.
For all volunteering please call to schedule time
Monique Woodard

Community Help

Involve your company, schools, church and clubs like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Walkathons-Organize a one- or two-mile walk, collect sponsors and donations. It's a healthy walk and a fun afternoon with friends, colleagues and family and what better cause than Animal Rescue & Support. It’s a win for all and tax deductible.

Cook Off's - Chili, crawfish, pies or cakes, you name it. Who doesn't like to battle for the best cook title, not to mention all the fabulous food to eat. The town park is a perfect place

Have a Concert Use local talent and school bands. Request to use a soft ball field which usually have concession stands ready for serving refreshments. Invite friends. family, churches, local organization and enjoy the music.

Advertise your fundraisers through your local newspaper, many will donate a space to help the cause and you will be making an impact on raising public awareness of animal abuse and abandonment. Volunteering and community outreach activities are honorable attributes on a college student’s resume.